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Logic Pro

Logic Pro

Logic is one of the most popular electronic cigarette brands in the country. Logic’s products have been designed with busy city lifestyles in mind, so it’s no wonder that Logic is also New York’s #1 brand.  Everything they do is designed to fit with your busy lifestyle, and they work tirelessly to make sure that they provide you, the consumer, the best possible vaping experience.

Logic is the leader in Premium Electronic Cigarettes, and uses quality components and e-liquids in its products. Logic devices provide up to 300 vapour puffs per cartridge or capsule.

Logic supplies disposable and rechargeable devices equipped with powerful batteries, resulting in an easy draw and thick vapour exhale.

Berry Mint x3 Logic Pro Capsules

A fresh and beautiful take on berry menthol, this has to be my favourite flavour to use when..


Menthol x3 Logic Pro Capsules

One of the most popular menthol -mint e-liquid. It is full of fresh and zingy flavours.&nbs..


Strawberry x3 Logic Pro Capsules

Sweet and succulent strawberries, perfect for that all day vape!..


Tobacco x3 Logic Pro Capsules

One of the best tobacco flavours out there, authentic and rich in taste, what more do you need...


Logic Pro Personal Vapouriser

Logic Pro is the new generation vapouriser which uses an exclusive pre-filled smart capsule. The sma..


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